Recruitment & Selection

Line managers and supervisors are taking on more of the responsibility for interviewing and selecting job candidates for new positions. With this important responsibility, organizational leaders are obligated to ensure that managers and supervisors are trained to conduct effective and lawful interviews to select the best fit candidates.

The OASYS Group provides clients with a customized behavioral-based approach to interviewing and selecting the best. We work with our clients to integrate company-specific competencies into the recruiting and hiring processes. In addition to providing customized processes, we train managers and supervisors to effectively use the materials to accomplish the following:

  • Identify important resume information
  • Plan an interview that focuses on the candidate’s qualifications for the job
  • Conduct a structured and lawful interview
  • Evaluate and select the ‘best fit’ candidate for the job/organization

We also help clients develop a thorough understanding of the legal ramifications of conducting inappropriate interviews or asking unlawful questions. We train managers and supervisors to formulate and ask appropriate questions during the interview process.

The OASYS Group also provides clients with customized checklists and job aids to use during the interview and selection process. We also offer an array of non-cognitive assessments to provide additional insights about the work behaviors of the potential employee.