Competency Modeling

Aligning employee performance with company goals and strategies is critical to organizational success and is the foundation of the OASYS Group’s consulting efforts. Developing a competency model to define key skills, knowledge and abilities is essential for achieving organizational alignment.

The OASYS Group uses a comprehensive approach to competency modeling. Once the company’s core and leadership competencies are identified, the OASYS Group integrates them into all initiatives undertaken by the company. These initiatives may include interviewing and selecting new employees, administering performance appraisals, conducting succession planning and developing leaders. Core and leadership competencies may also be used to develop a company- specific 360-degree assessment and other assessments and development tools.

The OASYS Group also works with companies to profile jobs by defining job specific functional competencies and identifying specific tasks and critical competencies required to successfully perform a job. A knowledge management component is also embedded into this process.

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