The LEAD 360

The LEAD 360 is a leadership assessment instrument that is used by raters performing different roles (self, boss, direct reports, peers, and others) within a leader’s immediate work circle to assess the degree to which he or she exhibits behaviors associated with four principles of leadership effectiveness.

The four principles, which form the acronym, LEAD, are as follows:

Learn from Mistakes
Exemplify Competence
Add Value, and
Do the Right Thing
These principles matter most for the development of new and experienced leaders and are scalable to leaders at all levels of the organization.

The feedback that leaders receive from the LEAD 360 provides information that can be used to improve self-awareness, develop various leadership skills, and serve as a guide for overall leadership effectiveness. The instrument provides information that allows leaders to

Identify their strengths and opportunities for improvement
Learn how others in the organization view their behavior
Use the information to create a leadership development action plan, and
Make continuous improvements to maximize their potential.
How well do you use the LEAD Principles? Contact us to find out.

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