Q: How does The OASYS Group approach talent management?

A: We believe that competencies are at the core of any talent management initiative. At The OASYS Group, we use a competency-based approach in all we do to achieve alignment of employee performance with company goals. We also take a three dimensional view (individual, process and organization) to provide comprehensive solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

Q: Why are The OASYS Group solutions so effective?

A: Customization – we rarely use off-the-shelf programs. The majority of our solutions are customized based on our clients’ needs. When solutions are customized, clients get what they need and resources are maximized. Our consultants have a vested interest in ensuring that the customized solutions work, so our job is not finished until satisfactory results of our interventions are obtained. Because our interventions are customized, we are always challenged to remain current in our field.

Q: Are The OASYS Group consultants current in their field?

A: Yes, our consultants conduct and publish research on a variety of organizational development topics: recruitment, psychometrics and leadership. Some of our consultants serve as adjunct professors and instructional designers for major universities. Each consultant has established relationships and certifications with leading training and organizational development industries and societies such as the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), and International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). Our consultants are constantly researching current literature for personal development and undergraduate and graduate level curriculum development purposes.

Q: Apart from talent management, does The OASYS Group offer other services?

A: Yes, while talent management is the hallmark of our services, we offer a variety of other human resources services (employee relations, compliance readiness, etc.). The OASYS Group maintains relationships with other affiliates who are expert human resources generalists. Connect with us to learn how we might meet your needs.